Hawks news on Vince Carter explaining why he wants to be involved in NBA media


Hawks news: Vince Carter will be playing his final year in the NBA next season, and even though his official retirement won’t happen until around April or May next year, he’s already thinking about life after the NBA.

And he’s interested in starting a career in the mass media industry.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Jacob Feldman, Vinsanity said that it would be great to be in the media once his playing days in the NBA are over.

“I did Sportscaster U seven years ago. I wanted to see if I liked it—and I loved it. From there I did what I had to do, getting as many reps as I could, doing games, studio work, and sidelines.”

 Carter would join the long list of ex-NBA players who’ve joined prominent media companies to become NBA analysts. Guys like Tracy McGrady, Scottie Pippen, Paul Pierce, and even Ryan Hollins have made names for themselves once they started to enter the world of sports journalism. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see VC also taking that route.

VC has been in the NBA for a record-breaking 22 seasons, and he believes that everything that he’s learned during that span will help him no matter what career he chooses after walking away from professional basketball.

“Because of me sticking around on the basketball side, I understand the approach and what it takes. Doing it this way got me to 22 years in the NBA so why not take that approach and learn along the way, just like I did then. I didn’t know 30 years ago how to go about what I really wanted to accomplish. I studied, asked questions, and learned. I’m doing the same things now, mirroring that step-by-step approach.”

When asked about a possible coaching gig, Carter quickly squashed the idea.

“I like coaching the game but I don’t want to coach. There’s no loyalty in my opinion to coaches. But I can be a coach on air, helping viewers understand what they’re seeing or how we see it as professional players.”

Well, we’re just gonna have to wait and see what happens to Carter after he retires from the NBA. For now, let us just enjoy every moment of his swan song and see where it takes him.

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