Hornets news: Terry Rozier's reacts to his fallout with Boston, road to redemption with Charlotte


Hornets news: Terry Rozier is ready to write a new chapter of his career in Charlotte. After agreeing to a four-year deal to join the Hornets in free agency, he’s already made peace with his past and is ready for what lies ahead in the future.

One of the biggest questions about Rozier heading into next season is whether or not he can fill the shoes left by All-Star guard Kemba Walker. The Hornets’ front office have been speaking highly about his potential, but Terry himself believes that there is an immense amount of pressure for him to exceed expectations next season, per Jonathan Abrams of Bleacher Report.

“I’d be lying if I told you there’s no pressure. But pressure’s part of the game. Pressure is something that I deal with on a daily basis, but I’m always finding ways to get past it. That’s not easy going in, replacing a guard like Kemba. He’s pretty damn good and the franchise’s leading scorer, like that’s crazy. But it’s something I’ve always wanted. I always live by if the opportunity come knocking, you gotta be ready to answer, and this is the opportunity for me, so I was born ready for this, and I’m not looking back.”

A lead role is something that Rozier has been wanting to have, even when he was with the Boston Celtics. However, he understood the team’s goals last season was to follow the lead of All-Star guard Kyrie Irving. But when things didn’t work out, he was also the first one to let his frustrations out.

Rozier appeared on ESPN’s First Take a couple of months ago to say that he was the one who had to sacrifice the most for the Celtics. His production was a bit down last season as he had to play as the primary backup for Irving. However, he has made it known that he has no hard feelings against his former teammate.

“A lot of people don’t know how great of a person he is. A lot of people think I hate Kyrie. And a lot of people think that me and Kyrie not cool, but we text, and I text him right before free agency. I sent him the eyes, and he sent the eyes right back, basically like you know what it’s going to be.”

Still, Rozier believes that his situation with the Celtics could’ve been handled better by the team and himself as well.

“Not liking how me being positioned and me being used as a person, player and I just feel like things could have been done better, could’ve been handled better on Boston’s end and on my end. I feel like things could’ve been a lot better, and it wasn’t.”

But Rozier isn’t letting everything from his past derail him. He has a great opportunity to prove himself to the rest of the league, and he believes that his time to shine has long been overdue.

And he’s ready to be the star with the Hornets.

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