Knicks news: Dennis Smith Jr says team should focus on getting better on defense this season.


Knicks news: There is no denying that the New York Knicks had a disappointing offseason. They failed to get the superstars they wanted, which led to them using the huge cap space to settle for mid-tier players. They were able to assemble a group of young veterans who are eager to prove themselves to the rest of the league, and for point guard Dennis Smith Jr., they have the potential to surprise a lot of people this upcoming season.

Smith believes that the Knicks have a really good roster, but he also understands that in order for them to succeed, they will need to work together as a team. The former lottery pick said that their main focus should be getting better on defense.

“I know what we have to do on the offensive end, but defense is really where we have to hang our hat this year. We’ve got the toughness for it, especially with Mitch (Robinson), one of the best shot blockers in the league, already, if not the best. We’ve got to hang our hat on that end and everything else will take care of itself. And if we get in elite shape, that will be easy to do play after play after play. We’ve got to keep that up.”

The Knicks had the worst record in the league last season, and despite their failed attempt to build a superteam, their front office was still able to assemble a decent squad that should be good enough to compete for a playoff spot.

Smith is pretty confident about what he and his teammates can do not only this season, but in the years to come.

“Our team, it’s really a group of guys that wanna hoop, compete at a high level and win games. I think if we build this identity early of a real selfless team that’s gonna scrap on both ends of the court, I think we can be pretty good this year, and then build on that for years to come.”

Smith isn’t the only one who believes that the Knicks are talented team. Guys like Julius Randle, Wayne Ellington, and Mitchell Robinson have also said a lot of great things about the team’s mindset heading into this season.

The question now is, can they walk the talk?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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