Nets news: Kyrie Irving doesn't guarantee that Brooklyn will be a championship team.


Nets news: The Brooklyn Nets had arguably the biggest offseasons in the history of the franchise as they have added superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in free agency. Adding those two to the young core of Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, and Jarrett Allen definitely makes them one of the most intriguing teams not only this season, but also in the foreseeable future.

But as promising as they are, Irving doesn’t want to give Nets fans false hope. The All-Star guard doesn’t want to promise that Brooklyn will be a championship team.

“We’re here to build. I’m not saying we’re a championship team right now, we’re not going to say this is what it’s going to be going forward. We’re just here to observe one another, care for one another and be here to enjoy playing basketball. But first and foremost is our family. I think sometimes that can get confused in this league about who we are as human beings. I’m always going to be an advocate for that, and (the Nets) are advocates that we’re humans first and then we’re basketball players.”

At first glance, this sounds discouraging, as the main reason why the Nets signed Irving and Durant is so that they can compete for a championship. But, Kyrie already knows this. He also knows the fact that KD might not play at all this season, so it’s better to set realistic expectations rather than make bold predictions that could backfire at the end of the season.

Durant is still rehabbing from the Achilles injury he suffered in last season’s NBA Finals, and while there are rumors that he could return in time before the playoffs, the best scenario for the Nets is to not allow him to play at all this season, so that he’ll have more time to recover and be prepared for Brooklyn’s multiple championship runs.

KD and Kyrie are signed with the Nets for the next four years, which means that the window of opportunity is very much wide open for them to compete for titles. At this point, Irving just wants to teach the younger guys on the team how to play elite-level basketball.

Then, once Durant returns to full strength, that’s when Irving and co. will shift their focus to the biggest prize in the NBA; the Larry O’Brien trophy.

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