Nuggets news: Carmelo Anthony responds to Chauncey Billups’ criticism about his scoring mentality Nuggets news: Carmelo Anthony responds to Chauncey Billups’ criticism about his scoring mentality

Nuggets news: Carmelo Anthony’s free agency saga is still one of the biggest storylines in the NBA heading into the upcoming season. A lot of fans and players have shown their support for the former scoring champion, but up to this point, he remains unsigned. There have been rumors about him possibly joining the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks, but nothing has materialized up to this point.

One of the biggest reasons why teams aren’t willing to take a risk on Melo is his reluctance to accept a reduced role despite the fact that he’s no longer the star that he once was. Anthony’s stubbornness to adjust to the team that he’s in is making it difficult for him and his camp to convince teams that he suddenly has a change of heart.

Even when Chauncey Billups, Melo’s former teammate with the Denver Nuggets, has said that his obsession with scoring a ton of points has impacted his career negatively, he didn’t deny it.

Melo admitted that scoring indeed meant a lot to him during his recent appearance on ESPN’s First Take.

“To his comments, if I didn’t score 30, it was 40, it was 50. If I didn’t score those points, I felt like I didn’t do my job, because that was my mentality — it was to go all out at that point in time.”

Melo said that he carried that type of mentality ever since he started playing basketball in high school.

“Coming out from high school, to college, to the NBA, I had a different mentality.. It was kill or be killed. I had to go eat. I was 23, 24, I had to eat, and whatever I had to do to put us in a situation to win, I was willing to do that. I was doing that.”

Melo was once an unstoppable offensive force, especially during his final years playing for the Denver Nuggets and first few seasons with the New York Knicks. However, the playing style in the NBA has evolved since then and it’s become more focused on getting everybody else involved. Anthony, who’s an excellent individual talent, struggled and has been heavily criticized as a bad teammate.

Still, he didn’t feel bad about Billups’ comments. Just like what he said on First Take, he’s already a humbled man. He sees the words of his former teammate as a way for him to reflect on his past and become a better person and player as he hopes to end his career on a good note. However, he also admitted that he didn’t like the timing of it.

“I don’t take his comments any type of way. I take that as a learning tool and I think a lot of people out there, up-and-coming athletes should take that as a learning tool. My only issue was the timing of his comments. Because of everything that surrounded me on these comments, on this narrative around Melo, I don’t think it was the right time for him to say, “Oh, he liked scoring 30 in a loss, but he didn’t like scoring 20 in a win. I just think that narrative, that conversation, was [happening at] the wrong time.”

Billups made those remarks during the first few weeks of free agency, so it is understandable why Melo was a bit upset about it. After all, he’s trying to convince everyone that he can still play at a high level in the NBA, and those statements by Mr. Big Shot could’ve hurt his reputation even more.

Still, Anthony understands what he needs to do, and that is to just keep doing the right things as he waits for another team to give him a shot. Hopefully, he’ll get another opportunity to Nuggets news prove himself, whether it’s with the Knicks, the Nets, or any other team, Melo needs to remind everyone that he’s still here, and that he’s ready to silence the doubters.

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