Pelicans news Zion Williamson believes he's in a perfect situation with New Orleans.


Pelicans news: Zion Williamson will officially begin his NBA career in a couple of weeks, and as the new cornerstone of the New Orleans Pelicans, the 19-year-old forward is expected to do a lot of great things for the franchise.

The prospect of leading a team is something that Williamson has been looking forward to ever since he was drafted first overall back in June, and now that he has that opportunity with the Pels, he’ll definitely do everything that he can to help them win games.

This is the main reason why Zion believes his situation with the Pelicans is the best for his career, per La Gazetta dello Sport.

“I couldn’t ask for a better situation. The Pelicans keep up the pace constantly, just the way I like it. I am already working with members of the technical staff and the idea of running is emphasized in each exercise. I’m sure that our offensive schemes will allow me to be lethal from the next season.”

After the Pelicans traded Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, a lot of people thought that it was the start of a long, grueling rebuild. But the team was able to recover immediately. Aside from drafting Williamson, they also received a treasure chest of assets from LA, including former second overall picks Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, and with Jrue Holiday still on board, New Orleans has the potential to surprise a lot of people next season.

How good can they really be? Well, if you ask Williamson, the Pels are a legitimate title contender.

“I think we can compete for a championship. Yes, I am convinced that this team can have the NBA title as a goal…I’d be lying if I said something different.”

A championship may be a realistic goal for Williamson, but the truth is, the Pelicans aren’t good enough to hang with the NBA’s elite group. Sure, they can win a game or two against the top-tier squads, but to say that they’re already one of the best is already a bit exaggerated for the rookie.

Still, the fact that Williamson is sold on the potential of this team is a testament to how much trust he has with the franchise. It may take a little bit of time for them to become contenders, but they aren’t in a hurry.

Their rise to the top of the NBA will be slow, but it will also be exciting.

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