Rockets news: Eric Gordon says it is time for Houston to start winning championships.

Rockets news: After signing a four-year, $76 million extension with the Houston Rockets, veteran guard Eric Gordon is focused on helping the team win that elusive NBA championship.

In an interview with Fox 26 Houston’s Marc Berman, Gordon said that staying with the Rockets has always been his intention. Now that he finally got what he wanted, he said it’s time for him to repay the franchise for its trust in him.

“It’s very special. It’s definitely exciting. I’m all about team success and me being a big part of that. They know my work ethic. They know my kind of leadership and what I bring to the table. Ownership wants to win.”

The Rockets have made it clear that they want to win championships while James Harden is still in his prime, and that’s one of the main reasons why they traded for another elite All-Star, Russell Westbrook. And with a roster that’s almost set, Gordon said that now is the perfect opportunity for Houston to start hoisting trophies and raising banners, per Kelly Iko of The Athletic.

“It’s a clear understanding that when you have the kind of core that we have, it’s really locking in to win. I think this is the best point of most of the guys’ careers, so we have to get to that point where we just start winning championships. We have a clear vision, and we’re going to be good for quite a while. We just want to put a championship behind it.”

But how exactly is Gordon planning to help the Rockets succeed? By becoming one of the best shooters in the league next season.

“I got a couple of goals for myself. But the No. 1 goal for sure, without a doubt, is to be one of the best 3-point shooters. I want to shoot at a very high clip this year. I would love to be in the 40s. I’ve done it before, and I just need to do it this year while staying consistent. I think for this year, for us to be really good, it’s all about being efficient. I think for me, for sure being the best 3-point marksman in the NBA and continuing being a creator.”

Last season, Gordon averaged 16.2 points on 41 percent shooting from the field, including 36 percent from 3. He’s one of six players to have hit at least 200 3-pointers over the past three years, joining Harden, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kemba Walker, and Damian Lillard in that elite list.

And while most of the attention has been on Houston’s acquisition of Westbrook, keeping Gordon equally important for the team as they officially begin their championship quest in six weeks.

But the Rockets weren't the only team that made major offseason moves. In fact, several teams have also bolstered their rosters with the hopes of winning a title this year. This is the first time in at least a decade that there is no clear-cut favorite to bring home the championship, which is why a lot of fans are pretty excited for next season.

Houston has the potential to be really good with Harden, Westbrook, Gordon, and Clint Capela as their core. Whether that is enough to help them succeed remains to be seen, but it is clear that the Rockets will have the ‘championship or bust’ mentality over the next couple of years.

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