Timberwolves news: Gersson Rosas explains the struggles of getting a top-tier player.


Timberwolves news: This upcoming NBA season, most of the championship contending teams have at least two superstars on their roster. Then there are those teams who tried to make a big splash during the offseason, but failed; one of them is the Minnesota Timberwolves, who tried to get another All-Star to pair with Karl-Anthony Towns this summer.

The Wolves tried to sign D’Angelo Russell after the Brooklyn Nets pulled back the qualifying offer they gave him. Unfortunately, the Nets pulled off a sign-and-trade which sent him to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Kevin Durant.

And while missing out on Russell isn’t really Minny’s fault, it is also worth noting that they haven’t really gotten a top-tier talent via free agency over the past decade. Most of their best players were either drafted by or traded to them. Team president Gersson Rosas said that it’s really difficult to get a superstar in the league, especially for a small market team.

In his interview with Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic, Rosas said that it’s important for a team to have a star or two in order to succeed in the NBA, but it added that acquiring them never comes at a cheap price.

“The reality is that if you want to win, you want to have success, you need high-end, special players. They’re hard to acquire. You have to pay a strong premium for them. And if you don’t have the resources, you don’t have the flexibility, you don’t have the assets, you’re not going to be in play.”

Rosas continued by saying that even if a franchise has a lot to offer the free agents, it’s not a guarantee that it would be enough to convince them to play for the team, so a front office has to have a Plan B in case their top targets decide to say no

But that’s the reason why the Timberwolves hired him as the team’s top executive, so that he can turn their fortunes around in the future. Rosas has extensive knowledge about the wheeling and dealing that’s happening during the offseason, so he was definitely one of their best signings this year.

Whether or not Rosas can succeed in Minnesota remains to be seen. For now, he’s putting his hopes on Towns’ continuous development and Andrew Wiggins finally having a breakout year. Obviously, these two are the franchise’s cornerstones, so most probably, the team will continue to build around them.

Unless an opportunity to sign a superstar comes along.

For now, Rosas will focus on helping the Timberwolves build a winning culture, because that’s usually what matters to the best players in the league.

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